Call Number (LC) Title Results
BX1939 .M2 .S54 1979 Marriage today : a commentary on the Code of canon law / 1
BX1939.M22 W7 1988 Procedures / 1
BX1939 .M28 1970 The tribunal reporter; a comprehensive study of the grounds for the annulment of marriage in the Catholic Church, 1
BX1939 .M3 1929 Marriage laws and decisions in the United States, a manual, 1
BX1939.M3 S64 1958 The canon law of marriage: an outline 1
BX1939.M37 D25 1986 Damning the innocent : a history of the persecution of the impotent in pre-revolutionary France / 1
BX1939.M37 E13 1967 The introduction of a new "chapter of nullity" in matrimonial courts of appeal. A study of legislation in the Code of Canon Law and the instruction Provida Mater Ecclesia, 1
BX1939 .M37K22 1964 The bearing of mental impairment on the validity of marriage; an analysis of Rotal jurisprudence 1
BX1939 .M37L11 1928 Procedure in the diocesan matrimonial courts of First instance, 1
BX1939.M37 M34 1951 The loss of right to accuse a marriage : a treatise on the final clause of C. 1971,1,1 "nisi ipsi fuerint impedimenti causa" / 1
BX1939.M37 N73 1972 Power to dissolve; lawyers and marriages in the courts of the Roman Curia 1
BX1939.M37 W92 1972 Annulments / 1
BX1939.M37 W92 1980 Decisions / 1
BX1939 .M37W92 1983 Decisions /
Annulments /
BX1939 .M85 1970 Scandal in the assembly: a bill of complaints and a proposal for reform in the matrimonial laws and tribunals of the Roman Catholic Church 1
BX1939.O8 B12 1924 Rights and duties of ordinaries, according to the Code and apostolic faculties, 1
BX1939 .P4 .A97 1920 Penal legislation in the new Code of canon law (liber v) 1
BX1939 .P4 .A97 1936 Penal legislation in the new code of canon law (liber v) 1
BX1939 .P84 1955 Interritual canon law problems in the United States and Canada 1
BX1939 .R58 1961 Canonical procedure 1