Call Number (LC) Title Results
BX841 .C283 A Catholic dictionary (The Catholic encyclopædic dictionary) 1
BX845 .C28 The Official Catholic directory 1
BX860 .C37 1981 The papal encyclicals / 1
BX860 .D6 1943 Encyclical letter of Pope Pius XII : on promotion of Biblical studies / 1
BX860 .H8 1950 Humani generis. Encyclical letter of Pope Pius XII, 1
BX860 .M5 1951 Menti nostrae, apostolic exhortation of Pope Pius XII to the clergy of the entire world. On the development of holiness in priestly life 1
BX870.P68 S13 1953 Six social documents of His Holiness Pope Pius XII, and a letter of his excellency Monsignor Montini 1
BX873.P68 B43 1947 St. Benedict : Encyclical letter of Pope Pius XII on St. Benedict of Nursia. English translation provided by the Vatican 1
BX873.P68 C98 1944 Orientalis ecclesiae decus : Encyclical letter of Pope Pius XII on St. Cyril, Patriarch of Alexandria, on the fifteenth centenary of his most holy death 1
BX873.P68 M7 1952 Moral limits of medical research and treatment : an address given September 14, 1952 by His Holiness Pope Pius XII to the First International Congress on the Histopathology of the Nervous System 1
BX873.P68 P77 1939 Summi pontificatus. Encyclical letter of Pope Pius XII on the function of the state in the modern world (official Vatican English translation with discussion study club outline) 1
BX873.P68 Q22 1931 After forty years. Encyclical letter of His Holiness Pius XI. In commemoration of the fortieth anniversary of the encyclical "Rerum novarum" (The new conditions) 1
BX875.P7 W67 1971 Codices pseudo-Isidoriani; a palaeographico-historical study. 1
BX890 .S28 1895 Loyalty to church and state. The mind of His Eminence, Francis cardinal Satolli 1
BX944 .N68 1877 The History of the Catholic church : from the commencement of the Christian era to the ecumenical council of the Vatican / 1
BX946 .K96 1918 The church at the turning points of history, 1
BX946 .S74 1915 Story of the Catholic Church / 1
BX950.A5 .C5 1650 Cronologia de sommi pontefici : che contiene le effigie, nomi, e patrie loro : in che anno & giorno furono eletti : le lor vite, quanto regnarono, & quanto vaco la Sedia : con alcune cose notabili, che occorsero ne'loro tempi : cominciando da San Pietro, insino al beatissimo papa Vrbano Ottauo, hoggi viuente .. 1
BX1068 .S65 1913 Church and state in the middle ages; 1
BX1178 .C87 1998 Papacy and law in the Gregorian revolution : the canonistic work of Anselm of Lucca / 1