Call Number (LC) Title Results
E178 .B22 1834 History of the United States : from the discovery of the American continent / 1
E178 .E63 1893 Division and reunion, 1829-1889, 1
E178 .F24 The development of the United States from colonies to a world power, 1
E178 .G66 1789 The history of the rise, progress, and establishment, of the independence of the United States of America; including an account of the late war; and of the thirteen colonies, from their origin to that period. 1
E178 .J64 1902 The United States, its history and Constitution; 1
E178 .Sch39 1939 The new deal in action, 1933-1938 1
E178 .W76 1902 A history of the American people / 1
E178.1 .G19 1971 The American Nation; a history of the United States 1
E178.1 .N346 1990 Nation of nations : a narrative history of the American republic : combined volume / 1
E178.25 .D37 1990 Don't know much about history : everything you need to know about American history, but never learned / 1
E179 .B76 1991 No duty to retreat : violence and values in American history and society / 1
E179 .F69 1998 The story of American freedom / 1
E179.5 .L36 2004 The constitution of empire : territorial expansion and American legal history / 1
E183 .B43 1988 The party of fear : from nativist movements to the New Right in American history / 1
E183 .G7L91 The American speeches of Lord Lothian, July 1939 to December 1940, 1
E183 .G88 1940 Diplomatically speaking, 1
E183 .M69 1993 Icons of democracy : American leaders as heroes, aristocrats, dissenters, and democrats / 1
E183 .T12 1960 Prejudice and politics, 1
E183.7 .A33 1924 A history of the foreign policy of the United States, 1
E183.7 .B462 The American secretaries of state and their diplomacy 1