Call Number (LC) Title Results
E340 .W4L82 1899 Daniel Webster 1
E340.W4 M3 Daniel Webster and his contemporaries. 1
E342 .G25 1895 James Madison 1
E342 .M13 1989 The last of the fathers : James Madison and the Republican legacy / 1
E342 .R93 James Madison and the search for nationhood / 1
E357.2 .Z6 1925 Impressment of American seamen, 1
E357.9 .D96 History of the Hartford Convention: with a review of the policy of the United States Government which led to the War of 1812. 1
E372 .G42 1895 James Monroe in his relations to the public service during half a century, 1776-1826 / 1
E377 .M67 1895 John Quincy Adams / 1
E377 .Se88 1849 Life and public services of John Quincy Adams, sixth president of the United States. With the eulogy delivered before the Legislature of New York. 1
E382 .S95 Andrew Jackson as a public man: what he was, what chances he had, and what he did with them / 1
E387 .Sh47 Martin Van Buren, 1
E396 .W36 1848 The diplomatic and official papers of Daniel Webster, while secretary of state 1
E415.5 .Se87 1916 Reminiscences of a war-time statesman and diplomat, 1830-1915, 1
E415.6 .F45 1971 Speeches, arguments, and miscellaneous papers of David Dudley Field / 1
E415.6 .T57 The writings and speeches of Samuel J. Tilden. 1
E415.9 .P3P5 1911 Proceedings of the meeting of the Philadelphia Bar called to take action upon the death of Hon. Clement B. Penrose, President Judge of the Orphan's Court of Philadelphia 1
E415.9 .R78 1901 A memoir of the life of John Codman Ropes, LL. D., with the proceedings of various societies, addresses, papers, and resolutions in commemoration of him 1
E415.9 .S4L91 William Henry Seward, 1
E415.9.S8 U5 1869 Memorial addresses on the life and character of Thaddeus Stevens, delivered in the House of Representatives, Washington, D.C., December 17, 1868 1