Call Number (LC) Title Results
E415.9.S9 P6 1877 Memoir and letters of Charles Sumner. 1
E415.9.T5 N49 1887 Proceedings of the Senate and Assembly of the state of New York relative to the Death of Samuel J. Tilden 1
E415.9 .W6U5 1876 Memorial addresses on the life and character of Henry Wilson, (vice-president of the United States) delivered in the Senate and House of Representatives, January 21, 1876, with other congressional tributes of respect. 1
E436 .Ex48 1823 An exhibit of the losses sustained at the office of discount and deposit, Baltimore, under the administration of James A Buchanan, president, and James W. McCulloh, cashier; 1
E436 .F6 1995 Free soil, free labor, free men : the ideology of the Republican Party before the Civil War / 1
E437 .H78 The life and public services of James Buchanan. 1
E440 .G81 1860 A political text-book for 1860 : comprising a brief view of presidential nominations and elections, including all the national platforms ever yet adopted: also a history of the struggle respecting slavery in the territories, and of the action of Congress as to the freedom of the public lands, with the most notable speeches and letters of Messrs. Lincoln, Douglas, Bell, Cass, Seward, Everett, Breckinridge, H. V. Johnson, etc., etc., touching the questions of the day; and returns of all presidential elections since 1836. / 1
E441 .D8 1970 The suppression of the African slave-trade to the United States of America, 1638-1870. 1
E441 .F6 1989 Without consent or contract : the rise and fall of American slavery / 1
E441 .F87 1988 The arrogance of race : historical perspectives on slavery, racism, and social inequality / 1
E441 .M63 1974 Plantation, town, and county : essays on the local history of American slave society / 1
E441 .R39 1989 Religion and slavery / 1
E441 .S27 1937 Laws against liberty, 1
E441 .S538 2016 Slavery's capitalism : a new history of American economic development / 1
E443 .M38 2004 Divided mastery : slave hiring in the American South / 1
E444 .J17A3 1987 Incidents in the life of a slave girl : written by herself / 1
E444 .L39 1989 Lay my burden down : a folk history of slavery / 1
E445.P3 .N37 1991 Freedom by degrees : emancipation in Pennsylvania and its aftermath / 1
E446 .B49 1998 Many thousands gone : the first two centuries of slavery in North America / 1
E446 .N37 1990 Race and revolution / 1