Call Number (LC) Title Results
E748 .Ob6 1901 The life of Lord Russell of Killowen / 1
E748.S35 U5 1968 Memorial addresses and eulogies in the Congress of the United States on the life and contributions of Hubert Baxter Scudder 1
E748.S83 C4 1950 Henry L. Stimson, honorary member of the Century Association; addresses made in his honor at the club house, April 6, 1950 1
E757 .A63 1922 Impressions of Theodore Roosevelt, 1
E757 .B22 Theodore Roosevelt, twenty-sixth president of the United States. A typical American. 1
E762 .P93 1939 The life and times of William Howard Taft; a biography, by Henry F. Pringle .. 1
E766 .B79 Woodrow Wilson as president, 1
E766 .H81 1926 The intimate papers of Colonel House arranged as a narrative 1
E786 .C36 Life and times of Warren G. Harding, our after-war president, 1
E792 .W57 1925 Calvin Coolidge, the man who is president, 1
E802 .H76 1952 The memoirs of Herbert Hoover : the cabinet and the presidency, 1920-1933 1
E806 .B78 The era of Franklin D. Roosevelt; a chronicle of the New Deal and global war 1
E806 .D65 1988 Documenting America, 1935-1943 / 1
E806 .G93 1940 Roosevelt again! 1
E807 .J6 Roosevelt: dictator or democrat? 1
E807 .M38 2004 Reconsidering Roosevelt on race : how the presidency paved the road to Brown / 1
E835 .M328 1993 Power and peace : the diplomacy of John Foster Dulles / 1
E835 .M61 1964 Piety along the Potomac; notes on politics and morals in the fifties 1
E838.5 .B84 1988 In quest of national security / 1
E839.5 .C63 1987 Armed and dangerous : the rise of the survivalist right / 1