Call Number (LC) Title Results
HD3621 .En85 Enterprise law of the 80s : European and American perspectives on competition and industrial organization / 1
HD3625 .N7N5 Second report / 1
HD3625 .Or3 1970 Market power and the law : a report of the Committee of Experts on Restrictive Business Practices 1
HD3625 .P56 World unfair competition law; an encyclopedia, 1
HD3663.P4 A2 Annual report of the Factory Inspector of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the year .. 1
HD4461 .P75 2002 Privatization of water services in the United States : an assessment of issues and experience / 1
HD4464 .F71 1985 Western water flows to the cities : a sourcebook / 1
HD4483 .G47 1994 Whose backyard, whose risk : fear and fairness in toxic and nuclear waste siting / 1
HD4483 .L35 1996 A critique of "environmental justice" / 1
HD4606.A2 P4 1945 Municipal authorities; a report of the Committee on Municipal Authorities of the Joint State Government Commission to the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 1
HD4805 .L125 Labor and industry in Britain 1
HD4813 .In8 1941 Studies in war economics 1
HD4839 .D68 1989 Industrial and labor relations terms : a glossary / 1
HD4841 .H96 1920 Democratic industry; a practical study in social history, 1
HD4841 .P42 1966 A theory of the labor movement 1
HD4844 .J67 1992 Work, identity, and legal status at Rome : a study of the occupational inscriptions / 1
HD4861 .K83 1987 Unfree labor : American slavery and Russian serfdom / 1
HD4875.U5 N21 1968 National service; a report. 1
HD4875.U5 .S25 1987 "To serve well and faithfully" : labor and indentured servants in Pennsylvania, 1682-1800 / 1
HD4901 .L117 1994 Labor economics and industrial relations : markets and institutions / 1