Call Number (LC) Title Results
JC213 .B95 1890 Political science and comparative constitutional law ... 1
JC213 .B95 1933 The foundations of political science, 1
JC223 .M61 1937 An essay on government, 1
JC223.M66 H363 1999 John Stuart Mill on liberty and control / 1
JC229 .T7St72 Alexis de Tocqueville on democracy, revolution, and society : selected writings / 1
JC229.T8 .W65 2001 Tocqueville between two worlds : the making of a political and theoretical life / 1
JC233 .B62 The theory of the state / 1
JC234 .G36L58 The genossenschaft-theory of Otto von Gierke; a study in political thought, 1
JC251 .M66 1913 Notes on the science of government and the relations of the states to the United States, 1
JC251 .O84 1943 The Christian state 1
JC251 .S43 1950 The new federalism; an inquiry into the means by which social power may be so distributed between state and people as to insure prosperity and progress 1
JC252 .B48 1982 Papers on the legal history of government : difficulties fundamental and artificial / 1
JC252 .B75 1958 Government in modern society, with emphasis on American institutions 1
JC252 .T34 The ultimate in government? Was it established in the United States of America? 1
JC257 .L28 1940 The danger of being a gentleman, and other essays, by Harold J. Laski 1
JC257 .L33 1960 A grammar of politics 1
JC259.D66 .C43 2011 Herman Dooyeweerd : Christian philosopher of state and civil society / 1
JC261 .M33 1940 Scholasticism and politics 1
JC261 .M33 1954 Man & the state. 1
JC263 .G47 2002 Community in historical perspective / 1