Call Number (LC) Title Results
JC423 .D439 1996 Democracy and difference : contesting the boundaries of the political / 1
JC423 .D4418 1985 The Democratic state / 1
JC423 .G488 2018 How to save a constitutional democracy / 1
JC423 .H76 Political power and personal freedom; critical studies in democracy, communism, and civil rights 1
JC423 .M18 Leviathan and the people 1
JC423 .M61 1882 Considerations on representative government 1
JC423 .M685 2018 The people vs. democracy : why our freedom is in danger and how to save it / 1
JC423 .M83 2007 Constitutional democracy : creating and maintaining a just political order / 1
JC423 .P43 1955 Democracy in world politics 1
JC423 .P45 2014 Philosophical perspectives on democracy in the 21st century / 1
JC423 .R24 Democracy in the administrative state 1
JC423 .S65 1941 The democratic tradition in America 1
JC423 .S73 1949 The design of democracy 1
JC423 .W384 2004 Democracy matters : winning the fight against imperialism / 1
JC423 .Y69 2000 Inclusion and democracy / 1
JC423 .Z35 2003 The future of freedom : illiberal democracy at home and abroad / 1
JC474 .Am35c Brief on communism : Marxism--Leninism : its aims, purposes, objectives and practices : with reports and recommendations of the Special Committee on Communist Tactics, Strategy and Objectives 1
JC474 .Am35i Instruction on communism and its contrast with liberty under law : program of the American Bar Association (through its Special Committee on Education in the Contrast Between Liberty under Law and Communism), in cooperation with State and local bar associations 1
JC474 .Am35n The new czars vs. the rule of law 1
JC474 .Am35p Peaceful coexistence; a Communist blueprint for victory 1