Call Number (LC) Title Results
JC423 .Y69 2000 Inclusion and democracy / 1
JC423 .Z35 2003 The future of freedom : illiberal democracy at home and abroad / 1
JC474 .Am35c Brief on communism : Marxism--Leninism : its aims, purposes, objectives and practices : with reports and recommendations of the Special Committee on Communist Tactics, Strategy and Objectives 1
JC474 .Am35i Instruction on communism and its contrast with liberty under law : program of the American Bar Association (through its Special Committee on Education in the Contrast Between Liberty under Law and Communism), in cooperation with State and local bar associations 1
JC474 .Am35n The new czars vs. the rule of law 1
JC474 .Am35p Peaceful coexistence; a Communist blueprint for victory 1
JC478 .Z62 1988 Pluralism, corporatism, and Confucianism : political associations and conflict regulation in the United States, Europe, and Taiwan / 1
JC491 .A68 1963 On revolution. 1
JC497 .F73 1990 The power of legitimacy among nations / 1
JC513 .M83 1964 The two kingdoms; ecclesiology in Carolingian political thought 1
JC513 .UL5 Medieval papalism; the political theories of the medieval canonists 1
JC557 .U54 1994 The modern concept of confederation : proceedings of the UniDem Seminar organised in Santorini on 22-25 September 1994 in co-operation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece 1
JC571 .Ac57 Social justice in the liberal state / 1
JC571 .A136 2008 Universal human rights in a world of difference / 1
JC571 .A53 1975 Human being and citizen : essays on virtue, freedom, and the common good / 1
JC571 .A65 1956 Essays on freedom and power / 1
JC571 .B34 1999 Human rights : universality in practice / 1
JC571 .B455 1995 Seeking identity : individualism versus community in an ethnic context / 1
JC571 .B86 2012 The right to development and international economic law : legal and moral dimensions / 1
JC571 .C65 1990 Human rights : index of modern information with bibliography / 1