Call Number (LC) Title Results
JF51 .G87 1939 The impasse of democracy; a study of the modern government in action, 1
JF51 .H34 1929 The new democratic constitutions of Europe, a comparative study of post-war European constitutions with special reference to Germany, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Finland, the kingdom of the Serbs, Croats & Slovenes & the Baltic states 1
JF51 .L95 Governments and parties in continental Europe, 1
JF51 .L95 1914 The governments of France, Italy, and Germany, 1
JF51 .M423 1995 Comparative politics : an institutional and cross-national approach / 1
JF51 .S33 2006 Crafting constitutional democracies / 1
JF71 .U54 1992 Constitution making as an instrument of democratic transition : proceedings of the UniDem Conference organised in Istanbul on 8 to 10 October 1992, in co-operation with the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Democracy Foundation 1
JF101 .G55 The Constitutions of Europe. 1
JF225 .G55 2008 Delegation in the regulatory state : independent regulatory agencies in Western Europe / 1
JF251 .B83 2014 The once and future king : the rise of crown government in America / 1
JF256 .A3413 2005 State of exception / 1
JF421 .B44 Principles of legislation: from the ms. of Jeremy Bentham ... By M. Dumont ... 1
JF423 .L78 The people's law, or, Popular participation in law-making : from ancient folk-moot to modern referendum : a study in the evolution of democracy and direct legislation / 1
JF441 .M58 1982 Legislation / 1
JF493 .R17 1985 Democracy in the Islands : the Micronesian plebiscites of 1983 / 1
JF497.E87 M63 1996 Instruments of direct democracy in the member states of the Council of Europe / 1
JF501 .P85 2008 International Parliaments / 1
JF511 .R64 The Role of the legislature in Western democracies / 1
JF511 .S45 1997 Seminar on the Democratic Functioning of Parliaments : proceedings, Strasbourg, 21-22 November 1996 1
JF515 .C3213 1992 Cannon's concise guide to rules of order / 1