Call Number (LC) Title Results
JK18 1864 The American's guide: comprising the Declaration of independence; the Articles of confederation; the Constitution of the United States, and the constitutions of the several states composing the Union.. 1
JK21 .C66 1991 Contemporary perspectives on the enduring Constitution : a bicentennial primer / 1
JK21 .C76 1988 Constitutionalism : founding and future / 1
JK21 .M26 1991 America's constitutional soul / 1
JK31 .A2413 1980 The first American Constitutions : Republican ideology and the making of the State constitutions in the Revolutionary era / 1
JK31 .E11 1988 The American constitutional tradition / 1
JK31 .G37 2000 The scepter of reason : public discussion and political radicalism in the origins of constitutionalism / 1
JK31 .N68 2022 New democracy : the creation of the modern American state / 1
JK31 .W25 1935 Congress, the Constitution, and the Supreme Court, 1
JK39 .M79 The Moral foundations of the American Republic / 1
JK39 .P6 1940 Goals of American government 1
JK54 .Sc84 1982 The development of constitutional liberty in the English colonies of America / 1
JK99.N69 T85 1994 Forming American politics : ideals, interests, and institutions in colonial New York and Pennsylvania / 1
JK111 .M2 1840 The papers of James Madison : purchased by order of the Congress, being his correspondence and reports of debates during the Congress of the Confederation, and his reports of debates in the Federal Convention; now published from the original manuscripts, deposited in the Department of State, 1
JK116 .B43 2008 The classical foundations of the American Constitution : prevailing wisdom / 1
JK116 .H45 2003 Peace pact : the lost world of the American founding / 1
JK116 .R55 1996 The strategy of rhetoric : campaigning for the American Constitution / 1
JK116 .S54 2002 Ratifying the republic : Antifederalists and Federalists in constitutional time / 1
JK116 .S75 1981 What the Anti-Federalists were for / 1
JK141 1893 Journal of the Constitutional convention, kept by James Madison, 1