Call Number (LC) Title Results
JK241 .S84 1908 The law of the federal and state constitutions of the United States : with an historical study of their principles, a chronological table of English social legislation, and a comparative digest of the constitutions of the forty-six states / 1
JK246 .B84 1891 The American commonwealth / 1
JK246 .T92 1883 The civil polity of the United States considered in its theory and practice. 1
JK251 .H25 1845 A brief exposition of the Constitution of the United States : for the use of common schools / 1
JK261 .W65 1989 The presence of the past : essays on the state and the Constitution / 1
JK271 .C733 1994 Contract with America : the bold plan by Rep. Newt Gingrich, Rep. Dick Armey and the House Republicans to change the nation / 1
JK271 .M31 Lessons in liberty; a study of God in government, 1
JK273 .T33 1922 Liberty under law : an interpretation of the principles of our constitutional government / 1
JK274 .W449 1995 Congressional Quarterly's desk reference on American government / 1
JK274 .W7 1889 The state and federal governments of the United States : a brief manual for schools and colleges / 1
JK275 .O33 2011 The Obama presidency in the constitutional order : a first look / 1
JK275 .R45 2007 Supercapitalism : the transformation of business, democracy, and everyday life / 1
JK295 .S5 1923 Federalism in North America; a comparative study of institutions in the United States and Canada, 1
JK301 .W54 1995 Is it time for a second Constitutional Convention? / 1
JK305 .B7 1998 Separation of governmental powers in history, in theory, and in the constitutions / 1
JK305 .F52 1991 The First branch of American government : the United States Congress and its relations to the Executive and Judiciary, 1789-1989 / 1
JK306 .S7 Constitutional power and world affairs 1
JK311 .G84 1983 The Growth of federal power in American history / 1
JK311 .L33 2010 The ideological origins of American federalism / 1
JK311 .L89 Nullification, secession, Webster's argument, and the Kentucky and Virginia resolutions, considered in reference to the Constitution and historically, 1