Call Number (LC) Title Results
JN118 .T18 1890 English constitutional history from the Teutonic conquest to the present time. 1
JN118 .T18 1960 English constitutional history, from the Teutonic Conquest to the present time 1
JN128 .W44 1908 The making of the English constitution, 449-1485 / 1
JN147 .H74 1985 Magna Carta and Medieval government / 1
JN147 .M29 1917 Magna carta commemoration essays, 1
JN191 .P6 1987 The ancient constitution and the feudal law : a study of English historical thought in the seventeenth century :a reissue with a retrospect / 1
JN193 .J92 1988 The crisis of the constitution : an essay in constitutional and political thought in England, 1603-1645 / 1
JN248 .D46 The new Commonwealth and its constitutions, 1
JN351 .A44 1849 Inquiry into the rise and growth of the royal prerogative in England. A new ed., with ... biographical notices, etc. To which is added an inquiry into the life and character of King Eadwig. 1
JN508 .G53 1892 History of the English parliament : its growth & development through a thousand years, 800-1887 / 1
JN549 .S55 1995 How Parliament works / 1
JN568 .P8 1659 The first [-fourth] part of a brief register, kalendar and survey of the several kinds, forms of all Parliamentary writs 1
JN621 .P63 1964,1894 A constitutional history of the House of Lords; from original sources 1
JN1129.C7 P65 1983 The Politics of Thatcherism / 1
JN2203.A56 .P64 2005 Guide to participatory democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Serbia and Montenegro / 1
JN2495 1810 .W2 A letter on the genius and dispositions of the French government, including a view of the taxation of the French empire. 1
JN2495 .L3 Lettre de l'Auteur des observations sur la protestation des princes / M. Dupaty, Advocat General de Bordeaux. 1
JN3633 .R7 1891 The German Bundesrath. A study in comparative constitutional law. 1
JN3971 .A58P96 1983 Public administration in the Federal Republic of Germany / 1
JN6531 .H3 1943 The government of the Soviet union / 1