Call Number (LC) Title Results
JZ1444 .A34 1995 The AILA U.S. consular posts handbook / 1
JZ1444 .U55 1863 The United States consul's manual : a practical guide for consular officers, and also for merchants, shipowners, and masters of American vessels in all their consular transactions 1
JZ1464 .H36 1964 The Inter-American security system and the Cuban Crisis; background papers and proceedings of the Third Hammarskjöld Forum. 1
JZ1466 .U84 1915 Pan-Americanism : a forecast of the inevitable clash between the United States and Europe's victor / 1
JZ1469 .B35 1950 A diplomatic history of the American people 1
JZ1469 .B468 1942 A diplomatic history of the United States, 1
JZ1469 .F67 1900 A century of American diplomacy; being a brief review of the foreign relations of the United States, 1776-1876, 1
JZ1469 .R47 1991 Righteous realists : political realism, responsible power, and American culture in the nuclear age / 1
JZ1479 .S87 Survey of American foreign relations 1
JZ1480 .B69 1989 The future of international law and American foreign policy / 1
JZ1480 .C65 1982 The Western heritage and American values--law, theology, and history / 1
JZ1480 .F47 2005 Colossus : the rise and fall of the American empire / 1
JZ1480 .F67 1906 The practice of diplomacy as illustrated in the foreign relations of the United States, 1
JZ1480 .G37 1964 In pursuit of world order; U.S. foreign policy and international organizations 1
JZ1480 .G73 1984 The United States and multilateral diplomacy : a handbook / 1
JZ1480 .H69 1985 Law & force in American foreign policy / 1
JZ1480 .J64 1994 Global search and seizure : the US national interest v. international law / 1
JZ1480 .K57 2001 Does America need a foreign policy? : towards a diplomacy for the 21st century / 1
JZ1480 .M66 1905 American diplomacy, its spirit and achievements, 1
JZ1480 .M66 1918 The principles of American diplomacy, 1