Call Number (LC) Title Results
JZ5560 .J66 2002 Toward a just world : the critical years in the search for international justice / 1
JZ5560 .M37 1929 The politics of peace, 1
JZ5560 .S36 1917 Peace through justice; three papers on international justice and the means of attaining it, 1
JZ5562 .G47 1929 Selected articles on the pact of Paris, officially the general pact for the renunciation of war, 1
JZ5566 .A45 1990 Eunomia : new order for a new world / 1
JZ5566 .M85 2004 The architecture of global governance : an introduction to the study of international organizations / 1
JZ5574 .U55 1987 Report of the special committee on enhancing the effectiveness of the principle of non-use of force in international relations 1
JZ5575 .B64 1928 Between war and peace; a handbook for peace workers, 1
JZ5575 .F57 1973 First principles for practical people opposed to aggressive war : the background of the proposed Uniform Reciprocal Peace Act / 1
JZ5575 .T65 1987 Towards a just world peace : perspectives from social movements / 1
JZ5587 .U546 The United Nations disarmament yearbook 1
JZ5588 .M55 1964 The demilitarized world and how to get there. 1
JZ5588 .N493 2000 New millennium, new perspectives : the United Nations, security, and governance / 1
JZ5597 .S56 1936 On the rim of the abyss, 1
JZ5599 .C66 1980 Confrontation in the US-USSR relationship: can it be managed? : A further supplement to Détente based upon the proceedings of the like-named Law Professor Workshop, Hotel Americana of New York, August 2-3, 1978 1
JZ5600 .D47 1977 Détente 1
JZ5625 .C43 1935 Disarmament in British foreign policy, 1
JZ5625 .E44 1921 The limitation of armaments; a collection of the projects proposed for the solution of the problem, 1
JZ5625 .H34 1963 Disarmament 1
JZ5625 .H346 1963 Disarmament; background papers and proceedings of the Fourth Hammarskjöld Forum. 1