Call Number (LC) Title Results
K1 .B35 Annual bulletin / 1
K1 .B82 Abstracts of book reviews in current legal periodicals 1
K1 .B83 Criminology & penology abstracts
Abstracts on criminology and penology
K1 .C75 ACTEC journal
ACTEC law journal
K1 .D55 The administrative law journal 1
K1 .D56 Administrative law review
Administrative law bulletin
K1 .D83 The Advocate : the law review of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers 1
K1 .D92 Advertising law & practice 1
K1 .F675 Berkeley journal of African-American law & policy
African-American law & policy report
K1 .G72 Journal of agricultural taxation & law
The Agricultural law journal
K1 .I25 AIDS & public policy journal 1
K1 .I77 The air pollution consultant : a bimonthly publication of McCoy and Associates, Inc. 1
K1 .I81 The Air Force law review
The United States Air Force JAG law review
The United States Air Force JAG bulletin
K1 .I83 Air law review 1
K1 .K74 Akron intellectual property journal 1
K1 .K76 Akron law review 1
K1 .K78 Akron tax journal 1
K1 .L17 Alabama civil rights & civil liberties law review 1
K1 .L21 Alabama law journal 1
K1 .L23 Alabama law review 1