Call Number (LC) Title Results
K1 .N682 Annual survey of international & comparative law 1
K1 .N75 Antioch law journal / 1
K1 .N84 Antitrust 1
K1 .N85 Antitrust 1
K1 .N853 Antitrust bulletin 1
K1 .N855 Antitrust law & economics review 1
K1 .N8555 Antitrust law journal 1
K1 .P63 Appalachian journal of law 1
K1 .P65 Apollinaris; commentarius instituti utriusque juris 1
K1 .R222 Arbitration magazine
Arbitration in action
K1 .R224 Arbitration international 1
K1 .R228 Arbitration : the journal of the Institute of Arbitrators 1
K1 .R42 Arizona journal of international and comparative law 1
K1 .R44 Arizona law review 1
K1 .R48 Arizona State law journal
Law and the social order
K1 .R55 Arkansas law notes ... : reports to the Arkansas Bar / 1
K1 .R57 Arkansas law review
Arkansas law review and bar association journal
K1 .R62 Arms control & disarmament / 1
K1 .R67 Arms control today : a publication of the Arms Control Association 1
K1 .R69 The Army Lawyer
The advocate [Military Defense Counsel]