Call Number (LC) Title Results
K1 .M8554 The American University journal of gender, social policy & the law
The American University journal of gender & the law
K1 .M86 The American University law review
American University intramural law review
K1 .M92 Amicus
AmLaw tech : the American lawyer's technology magazine
K1 .N45 The Anglo-American law review
Common law world review
K1 .N56 Animal law 1
K1 .N63 Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 1
K1 .N635 Annals of health law 1
K1 .N65 Annual law register of the United States / 1
K1 .N682 Annual survey of international & comparative law 1
K1 .N75 Antioch law journal / 1
K1 .N84 Antitrust 1
K1 .N85 Antitrust 1
K1 .N853 Antitrust bulletin 1
K1 .N855 Antitrust law & economics review 1
K1 .N8555 Antitrust law journal 1
K1 .P63 Appalachian journal of law 1
K1 .P65 Apollinaris; commentarius instituti utriusque juris 1
K1 .R222 Arbitration magazine
Arbitration in action
K1 .R224 Arbitration international 1
K1 .R228 Arbitration : the journal of the Institute of Arbitrators 1