Call Number (LC) Title Results
K10 .U92 The Justice system journal 1
K10 .U95 Juvenile & family court journal 1
K10 .U97 Juvenile law digest
Juvenile court digest
Juvenile and family law digest
K10 .U98 Juvenile justice
Juvenile court judges journal
K11 .A52 UMKC law review
The University of Kansas City law review : a journal of the University of Kansas City
Kansas City law review
The University of Missouri at Kansas City law review
K11 .A55 The Kansas journal of law & public policy 1
K11 .A58 The Kansas law journal : a weekly record of the law and the lawyers of Kansas 1
K11 .E65 Kentucky law journal 1
K11 .I62 The King's College law journal 1
K12 Legal reference services quarterly [online] 1
K12 .A11 La Raza law journal
Berkeley La Raza law journal
K12 .A16 Labor and nation 1
K12 .A22 Labor information bulletin / 1
K12 .A25 Labor law journal 1
K12 .A28 Labor lawyer
ABA journal of labor & employment law
K12 .A55 Land and water law review 1
K12 .A58 Landslide 1
K12 .A911 Law and contemporary problems 1
K12 .A912 Law and history review 1
K12 .A913 Law & housing journal 1