Call Number (LC) Title Results
K11 .A55 The Kansas journal of law & public policy 1
K11 .A58 The Kansas law journal : a weekly record of the law and the lawyers of Kansas 1
K11 .E65 Kentucky law journal 1
K11 .I62 The King's College law journal 1
K12 .A11 La Raza law journal
Berkeley La Raza law journal
K12 .A16 Labor and nation 1
K12 .A22 Labor information bulletin / 1
K12 .A25 Labor law journal 1
K12 .A28 Labor lawyer
ABA journal of labor & employment law
K12 .A55 Land and water law review 1
K12 .A58 Landslide 1
K12 .A911 Law and contemporary problems 1
K12 .A912 Law and history review 1
K12 .A913 Law & housing journal 1
K12 .A914 Law and human behavior 1
K12 .A9145 Law and humanities 1
K12 .A915 Law & inequality 1
K12 .A916 Law & justice 1
K12 .A917 Law and labor 1
K12 .A918 Law and philosophy 1