Call Number (LC) Title Results
K12 .A977 The Lawyer and banker and central law journal
The lawyer and banker and bench and bar review
The lawyer and banker and southern bench and bar review
K12 .A982 The Lawyer and law notes 1
K12 .A985 The University of Miami inter-American law review
Lawyer of the Americas
K12 .E18 Learning and the law 1
K12 .E22 Legal administrator 1
K12 .E23 Legal affairs 1
K12 .E24 The Legal aid briefcase 1
K12 .E27 Legal economics 1
K12 .E32 Legal ethics 1
K12 .E36 Legal notes & viewpoints quarterly 1
K12 .E38 Legal notes on local government 1
K12 .E43 The Legal studies forum 1
K12 .E435 Legal theory 1
K12 .E44 Legal writing : the journal of the Legal Writing Institute 1
K12 .E95 Lex et scientia / 1
K12 .I15 Liberty 1
K12 .I17 Liberty, life, and family 1
K12 .I239 Liberty University law review 1
K12 .I33 The Licensing journal 1
K12 .I35 Lincoln law review 1