Call Number (LC) Title Results
K12 .E18 Learning and the law 1
K12 .E22 Legal administrator 1
K12 .E23 Legal affairs 1
K12 .E24 The Legal aid briefcase 1
K12 .E27 Legal economics 1
K12 .E32 Legal ethics 1
K12 .E36 Legal notes & viewpoints quarterly 1
K12 .E38 Legal notes on local government 1
K12 .E43 The Legal studies forum 1
K12 .E435 Legal theory 1
K12 .E44 Legal writing : the journal of the Legal Writing Institute 1
K12 .E95 Lex et scientia / 1
K12 .I15 Liberty 1
K12 .I17 Liberty, life, and family 1
K12 .I239 Liberty University law review 1
K12 .I33 The Licensing journal 1
K12 .I35 Lincoln law review 1
K12 .I68 Litigation 1
K12 .I72 Litigation news 1
K12 .I75 The Liverpool law review 1