Call Number (LC) Title Results
K13 .E38 The medico-legal journal
The Medico-legal and criminological review
K13 .E52 The Memphis law journal 1
K13 .E55 Memphis State University law review
The University of Memphis law review
K13 .E62 Mental and physical disability law reporter
Mental disability law reporter
K13 .E72 Mercer Beasley law review 1
K13 .E75 Mercer law review 1
K13 .I25 University of Miami law review
Miami law quarterly
K13 .I30 Michigan journal of environmental & administrative law 1
K13 .I31 Michigan journal of gender & law 1
K13 .I33 Michigan journal of international law 1
K13 .I35 Michigan journal of race & law 1
K13 .I36 Michigan law journal 1
K13 .I37 Michigan law review 1
K13 .I39 Michigan telecommunications and technology law review 1
K13 .I42 Military law review 1
K13 .I47 Minnesota journal of law, science & technology
Minnesota intellectual property review
K13 .I52 Minnesota journal of international law
Minnesota journal of global trade
K13 .I54 The Minnesota law journal 1
K13 .I55 Minnesota law review 1
K13 .I72 Mississippi College law review 1