Call Number (LC) Title Results
K14 .A79 National University law review 1
K14 .A825 Natural resources & environment
Natural resources lawyer : journal of the Section of Natural Resources Law, American Bar Association
K14 .A828 Natural resources journal 1
K14 .A833 Natural resources law newsletter 1
K14 .A85 Nature and resources 1
K14 .A85645 Student bar review. 1
K14 .E24 Nebraska law journal 1
K14 .E25 Nebraska law review 1
K14 .E35 Negotiation journal 1
K14 .E45 Netherlands international law review
Nederlands tijdschrift voor internationaal recht = Netherlands international law review
K14 .E53 Nevada law journal 1
K14 .E68 New England journal of international and comparative law 1
K14 .E72 The New England journal of medicine 1
K14 .E75 New England journal on prison law
New England journal on criminal and civil confinement
K14 .E77 New England law review
Portia law journal
K14 .E82 New Jersey law review
University of Newark law review
K14 .E84 The New law journal 1
K14 .E86 New Mexico law review 1
K14 .E88 New York City law review
CUNY law review
K14 .E89 New York international law review 1