Call Number (LC) Title Results
K16 .R45 Probate law journal / 1
K16 .R52 Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science in the City of New York
Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science
K16 .R635 Summary of proceedings / 1
K16 .R75 Journal of the professional lawyer 1
K16 .S92 Psychology, public policy, and law 1
K16 .U18 Public contract law journal 1
K16 .U21 Public interest law reporter 1
K16 .U23 The Public interest law review 1
K16 .U25 The Public land law review
Public land & resources law review
K16 .U27 Public law 1
K16 .U32 Public law forum
Saint Louis University public law review
K16 .U34 The Public lawyer 1
K16 .U42 Public utilities fortnightly 1
K16 .U55 Publishing, entertainment, advertising and allied fields law quarterly 1
K17 .U16 Quarterly journal / 1
K17 .U18 The Quarterly law journal
The Quarterly law review
K17 .U33 Quinnipiac health law journal 1
K18 .A18 Race relations law survey
Race relations law reporter
K18 .A55 Rand journal of economics 1
K18 .A75 Ratio juris 1