Call Number (LC) Title Results
K22 .U83 Rutgers law journal
Rutgers Camden law journal
K22 .U85 Rutgers computer & technology law journal
Rutgers journal--computers, technology, and the law
Rutgers journal of computers and the law
K22 .U88 Rutgers law review
Rutgers University law review
K22 .U92 Rutgers race & the law review 1
K23 .A32 St. John's journal of legal commentary
Journal of civil rights and economic development : the official journal of the Ronald H. Brown Center for Civil Rights and Economic Development
K23 .A33 St. John's law review 1
K23 .A342 Washington University law quarterly
St. Louis law review
Washington University law review
K23 .A343 Saint Louis University journal of health law & policy 1
K23 .A344 Saint Louis University law journal 1
K23 .A348 St. Mary's journal on legal malpractice & ethics 1
K23 .A35 St. Mary's law journal 1
K23 .A37 St. Thomas law forum
St. Thomas law review
K23 .A521 San Diego international law journal 1
K23 .A522 San Diego journal of climate & energy law 1
K23 .A523 San Diego justice journal
Thomas Jefferson law review
K23 .A526 The San Diego law review 1
K23 .A54 San Francisco law journal 1
K23 .A583 Santa Clara computer and high-technology law journal 1
K23 .A586 Santa Clara lawyer
Santa Clara law review
K23 .C46 The scholar : St. Mary's law review on minority issues 1