Call Number (LC) Title Results
K23 .O853 Southwestern journal of international law
Southwestern journal of law and trade in the Americas
K23 .O858 Southwestern law journal
Texas law and legislation /
SMU law review
K23 .O86 Southwestern University law review
Southwestern law review
K23 .O88 The Southwestern social science quarterly / 1
K23 .P12 Space policy 1
K23 .P75 The Sports lawyers journal / 1
K23 .T252 Stanford environmental law annual
Stanford environmental law journal
K23 .T255 Stanford journal of civil rights & civil liberties 1
K23 .T257 Stanford journal of complex litigation 1
K23 .T262 Stanford journal of international law
Stanford journal of international studies
K23 .T265 Stanford journal of law, business & finance 1
K23 .T273 Stanford law & policy review 1
K23 .T275 Stanford law review
Stanford intramural law review
K23 .T32 State / 1
K23 .T325 The State and local tax lawyer 1
K23 .T328 State constitutional commentaries and notes 1
K23 .T33 State court journal 1
K23 .T333 The Journal of state government /
State government
K23 .T335 State legislatures 1
K23 .T337 Urban, state and local law newsletter
State, local, and urban law newsletter