Call Number (LC) Title Results
K23 .T335 State legislatures 1
K23 .T337 Urban, state and local law newsletter
State, local, and urban law newsletter
K23 .T44 Stetson law review
Stetson intramural law review
K23 .T8 Student lawyer
The Student lawyer journal /
K23 .U26 The Sudan law journal and reports 1
K23 .U33 Suffolk University journal of trial & appellate advocacy
Suffolk journal of trial & appellate advocacy 1995-98
Suffolk journal of trial & appellate advocacy
K23 .U35 Suffolk transnational law journal
Suffolk transnational law review
K23 .U37 Suffolk University law review 1
K23 .U52 Summary of labor arbitration awards / 1
K23 .U63 Supreme Court debates : a congressional digest publication 1
K23 .U88 Sustainable development law & policy 1
K23 .W33 Swiss review of international competition law
World competition
K23 .Y72 Syracuse journal of international law and commerce 1
K23 .Y75 Syracuse law review 1
K24 .A82 The Tax adviser 1
K24 .A83 The Tax counselor's quarterly 1
K24 .A84 Tax digest 1
K24 .A848 The Tax executive 1
K24 .A852 Tax law journal / 1
K24 .A855 Tax law review 1