Call Number (LC) Title Results
K24 .U45 Tulane civil law forum
The Tulane European and civil law forum
K24 .U47 Tulane environmental law journal 1
K24 .U49 Tulane journal of international and comparative law 1
K24 .U495 Tulane journal of technology & intellectual property 1
K24 .U52 Tulane law review
Southern law quarterly
K24 .U553 Tulsa journal of comparative & international law 1
K24 .U555 Tulsa law journal
Tulsa law review
K25 .C21 UC Davis business law journal 1
K25 .C22 U.C. Davis law review
U.C.D. law review
UCD law review
K25 .C253 U.C. Davis journal of international law & policy 1
K25 .C255 UC Davis journal of juvenile law and policy 1
K25 .C49 UC Irvine law review 1
K25 .C5 UCL jurisprudence review 1
K25 .C52 UCLA entertainment law review 1
K25 .C543 UCLA journal of environmental law & policy 1
K25 .C545 UCLA journal of international law and foreign affairs 1
K25 .C547 UCLA journal of Islamic and Near Eastern Law 1
K25 .C55 UCLA law review
UCLA intramural law review
K25 .C57 UCLA Pacific Basin law journal 1
K25 .C59 UCLA women's law journal 1