Call Number (LC) Title Results
K3 .H37 Chapman law review 1
K3 .H38 Chapman journal of criminal justice 1
K3 .H39 Charleston law review 1
K3 .H42 Charlotte law review 1
K3 .H53 Chicago journal of international law 1
K3 .H534 Chicago-Kent law review 1
K3 .H535 The Chicago law times 1
K3 .H536 Chicano law review
Chicano-Latino law review
Chicana/o-Latina/o law review
K3 .H55 Children's legal rights journal 1
K3 .H56 Chung-kuo fa lü = China law 1
K3 .H57 China law reporter = Chung-kuo fa lu chi kʻan 1
K3 .H62 Quarterly /
The Christian lawyer
Christian Legal Society quarterly
K3 .I81 The Citation 1
K3 .I83 CAA journal
Civil aeronautics journal
K3 .I85 Civil justice quarterly 1
K3 .I87 The Civil liberties review 1
K3 .I92 Civil rights digest 1
K3 .L42 The CLE journal and register
The CLE journal
K3 .L437 Clearinghouse review 1
K3 .L48 Cleveland-Marshall law review
Cleveland State law review