Call Number (LC) Title Results
K3 .O6734 Comparative juridical review 1
K3 .O6735 Comparative labor law journal : a publication of the U.S. National Branch of the International Society for Labor Law and Social Security [and] the Wharton School, and the Law School of the University of Pennsylvania
Comparative labor law
Comparative labor law & policy journal
K3 .O6737 Comparative law 1
K3 .O6739 Comparative law series 1
K3 .O6742 The Comparative law yearbook of international business
Comparative law yearbook
Employment law /
Security over immovables in selected jurisdictions /
Liability for products in a global economy /
Trends and developments in corporate governance /
International joint ventures /
International dispute resolution /
Entertainment law /
Mergers and acquisitions in Europe : selected issues and jurisdictions /
Mergers and acquisitions in North America, Latin America, Asia and the Pacific : selected issues and jurisdictions /
K3 .O6748 Competition & change 1
K3 .O675 The Compleat lawyer
Law notes for the general practitioner
Docket call
K3 .O676 Computer law & practice : the journal of computer and communications law 1
K3 .O677 Computer/law journal
Journal of information technology & privacy law
Software law journal
The John Marshall journal of computer & information law
K3 .O6843 The Congressional digest 1
K3 .O6864 Connecticut insurance law journal 1
K3 .O6865 Connecticut journal of international law 1
K3 .O6866 Connecticut law review 1
K3 .O6868 Connecticut probate law journal
The Quinnipiac probate law journal
K3 .O691 Connecticut public interest law journal 1
K3 .O697 Constitution 1
K3 .O6973 Constitutional commentary 1
K3 .O6975 Constitutional law journal /
Seton Hall constitutional law journal
K3 .O6978 Personal finance law quarterly report
Quarterly report /
Consumer finance law quarterly report
K3 .O698 Contemporary drug problems 1