Call Number (LC) Title Results
K3 .O6866 Connecticut law review 1
K3 .O6868 Connecticut probate law journal
The Quinnipiac probate law journal
K3 .O691 Connecticut public interest law journal 1
K3 .O697 Constitution 1
K3 .O6973 Constitutional commentary 1
K3 .O6975 Constitutional law journal /
Seton Hall constitutional law journal
K3 .O6978 Personal finance law quarterly report
Quarterly report /
Consumer finance law quarterly report
K3 .O698 Contemporary drug problems 1
K3 .O699 The Conveyancer and property lawyer 1
K3 .O71 Cooley law review /
Thomas M. Cooley law review
K3 .O73 Copyright world 1
K3 .O762 Cornell international law journal 1
K3 .O763 Cornell journal of law and public policy 1
K3 .O765 Cornell law journal 1
K3 .O767 Cornell law review
The Cornell law quarterly
K3 .O772 The Corporate analyst 1
K3 .O773 Corporate business taxation monthly 1
K3 .O774 Corporate counsel 1
K3 .O7745 Corporate counsel's quarterly 1
K3 .O776 Corporate practice commentator 1