Call Number (LC) Title Results
K3 .O7763 CCM : the American lawyer's corporate counsel magazine 1
K3 .O777 American bankruptcy review
Corporate reorganizations combined with American bankruptcy review
Corporate reorganizations
K3 .O778 Corporate taxation 1
K3 .O779 The Corporation journal 1
K3 .O7795 The Corporation law review 1
K3 .O784 American journal of correction
Corrections today
K3 .O786 Corrective psychiatry and journal of social therapy : official publication of the Medical Correctional Association
Corrective and social psychiatry and journal of behavior technology methods and therapy
K3 .O84 The Counsellor; the New York Law School law journal 1
K3 .O86 Court congestion / 1
K3 .O88 Court improvement bulletin 1
K3 .O92 Courts, health science & the law / 1
K3 .R33 Cream of the law : the best things from the best cases 1
K3 .R45 Creighton law review 1
K3 .R48 Crime and delinquency abstracts 1
K3 .R52 Criminal justice abstracts
Crime and delinquency literature
K3 .R54 Criminal defense 1
K3 .R55 Criminal justice / 1
K3 .R56 Criminal justice ethics 1
K3 .R5653 Selected highlights of crime and delinquency literature 1
K3 .R57 Criminal justice journal 1