Call Number (LC) Title Results
K3823 .K82 1985 The regulation of international economic relations through law / 1
K3823 .K86 1963 Domestic interests and international obligations; safeguards in international trade organizations 1
K3823 .M28 1988 Principles of a new international economic order : a study of international law in the making / 1
K3823 .M46 An international redistribution of wealth and power : a study of the Charter of economic rights and duties of States / 1
K3823 .N49 2000 New directions in international economic law : essays in honour of John H. Jackson / 1
K3823 .P98 1984 Hanging together : the seven-power summits / 1
K3823 .V42 1983 The new international economic order legal debate : background, status, and alternatives / 1
K3823 .Z9 .S78 v.1 Legal problems of codes of conduct for multinational enterprises / 1
K3823 .Z9 .S78 v.2 The Transnational law of international commercial transactions / 1
K3823 .Z9 .S78 v.3 Adaptation and renegotiation of contracts in international trade and finance / 1
K3823 .Z9 .S78 v.4 The European Community and GATT / 1
K3823 .Z9 .S78 v.5 The new GATT round of multilateral trade negotiations : legal and economic problems / 1
K3823 .Z9 .S78 v.6 The law of international trade finance / 1
K3823 .Z9 .S78 v.7 GATT Article VI and the protectionist bias in anti-dumping laws / 1
K3823 .Z9 .S78 v.8 National constitutions and international economic law / 1
K3823.Z9 .S78 v.9 International economic arbitration / 1
K3823.Z9 .S78 v.10 Liability of corporate groups : autonomy and control in parent-subsidiary relationships in US, German and EEC law : an international and comparative perspective / 1
K3826.3 .G85 The guide to foreign direct investment 1
K3827 .C15 1983 Legal aspects of doing business in Western Europe / 1
K3827.E73 .H31 Annual proceedings of the Fordham Corporate Law Institute
Annual proceedings of the Fordham Competition Law Institute : international antitrust law & policy