Call Number (LC) Title Results
K5 .M33 Emerging issues in state constitutional law 1
K5 .M64 Emory journal of international dispute resolution
Emory international law review
K5 .M65 Emory law journal
Journal of public law
K5 .M75 Employee relations law journal 1
K5 .M77 Employee rights and employment policy journal 1
K5 .N47 Energy law journal 1
K5 .N75 University of Miami entertainment & sports law review
Entertainment & sports law journal
K5 .N78 Entrepreneurial business law journal 1
K5 .N851 Environmental & energy law & policy journal 1
K5 .N852 Environmental comment 1
K5 .N853 The environmental forum 1
K5 .N854 Environmental law / 1
K5 .N855 Environmental law /
The environmental lawyer /
K5 .N858 Environmental practice news
William and Mary environmental law and policy review
William and Mary journal of environmental law
K5 .N92 Environs 1
K5 .P15 EPA journal / 1
K5 .Q85 Equitable distribution journal / 1
K5 .S82 Estate planners quarterly 1
K5 .S83 Estate planning 1
K5 .T45 Ethics 1