Call Number (LC) Title Results
K435 .B85 1957 A manual of Roman private law / 1
K435 .D87 Personality in Roman private law, 1
K435 .G76 1857 Sources of the Roman civil law : an introduction to the Institutes of Justinian. / 1
K435 .H11 1873 Introduction to Roman law, in twelve academical lectures. 1
K435 .H11 1888 Introduction to Roman law : in twelve academical lectures / 1
K435 .H91 1885 A systematic and historical exposition of Roman law in the order of a code / 1
K435 .J68 1961 Historical introduction to the study of Roman law 1
K435 .N51 1962 An introduction to Roman law / 1
K435 .T36 Textbook of Roman law / 1
K435 .V26 An introduction to the principles of Roman Civil law / 1
K436 .C4W48 1940 Institutes of the Roman law of civil procedure. 1
K436.C71 B81 1872 An epitome and analysis of Savigny's treatise on obligations in Roman law / 1
K436 .J9K29 Studies in the civil judicature of the Roman Republic / 1
K437 .C5G83 1971 The legal procedure of Cicero's time 1
K437 .D2 1569 Praxis rerum civilium, praetoribus, propraetoribus, consulibus, proconsulibus, magistratibus, reliquísque id genus iustitiariis, ac officiariis, in quacunque republica forensem administrationem assumentibus, apprimè vtilis & necessaria, cum nonnullis iconibus materiae subiectae conuenientibus / 1
K437 .H75 1982 Ulpian / 1
K445 .J42 1913 Law and politics in the middle ages, with a synoptic table of sources, 1
K445 .T54 1997 The idea of natural rights : studies on natural rights, natural law, and church law, 1150-1625 / 1
K445 .T544 2014 Liberty and law : the idea of permissive natural law, 1100-1800 / 1
K447 .T45A2 1988 On law, morality, and politics / 1