Call Number (LC) Title Results
K5 .M64 Emory journal of international dispute resolution
Emory international law review
K5 .M65 Emory law journal
Journal of public law
K5 .M75 Employee relations law journal 1
K5 .M77 Employee rights and employment policy journal 1
K5 .N47 Energy law journal 1
K5 .N75 University of Miami entertainment & sports law review
Entertainment & sports law journal
K5 .N78 Entrepreneurial business law journal 1
K5 .N851 Environmental & energy law & policy journal 1
K5 .N852 Environmental comment 1
K5 .N853 The environmental forum 1
K5 .N854 Environmental law / 1
K5 .N855 Environmental law /
The environmental lawyer /
K5 .N858 Environmental practice news
William and Mary environmental law and policy review
William and Mary journal of environmental law
K5 .N92 Environs 1
K5 .P15 EPA journal / 1
K5 .Q85 Equitable distribution journal / 1
K5 .S82 Estate planners quarterly 1
K5 .S83 Estate planning 1
K5 .T45 Ethics 1
K5 .U727 Europe
European community /