Call Number (LC) Title Results
K487 .S6C66 1959 Reason and nature; an essay on the meaning of scientific method 1
K487.S6 H43 1877 Jurisprudence and its relation to the social sciences. 1
K487.S6 L54 1986 An invitation to law and social science : desert, disputes, and distribution / 1
K487.S6 V3 1941 Some legal foundations of society: understanding, purpose, and conciliation as means and ends of positive law and representative government; a short introduction to the study of law and government with psychological, sociological and economic approach 1
K487.S65 B38 1985 Sociobiology and the law : the biology of altruism in the courtroom of the future / 1
K487 .S65B39 1989 Evolutionary jurisprudence : prospects and limitations on the use of modern Darwinism throughout the legal process / 1
K487.S65 L38 1999 Law & evolutionary biology : selected essays in honor of Margaret Gruter on her 80th birthday / 1
K487.S65 M55 2007 The limits of bodily integrity : abortion, adultery, and rape legislation in comparative perspective / 1
K487.T4 .D38 2019 Data-driven law : data analytics and the new legal services / 1
K487.T4 .G67 2017 Access to information, technology, and justice : a critical intersection / 1
K487.T4 O32 2001 Surfing the law and technology tsunami / 1
K487.T4 .O94 2017 The Oxford handbook of law, regulation and technology / 1
K520 .L64 Bibliographic guide to research in foreign, comparative and international law in the Louisiana State University Law Library / 1
K520 .M55 1978 A current bibliography of international law / 1
K530 .I5 1973 International encyclopedia of comparative law / 1
K530 .M72 1984 Modern legal systems cyclopedia / 1
K537 .T15 1983 Law and order statistics in the third world / 1
K540 .A38 2007 Law makers, law breakers, and uncommon trials / 1
K540 .B47 Curious trials & criminal cases, from Socrates to Scopes 1
K540 .G8 1847 An examination of the testimony of the four evangelists : by the rules of evidence administered in courts of justice : with an account of the trial of Jesus / 1