Call Number (LC) Title Results
K583 .W85 1721 A new institute of the imperial or, civil law : with notes shewing in some principal cases amongst other observations, how the canon law, the laws of England, and the laws and customs of other nations differ from it : in four books / 1
K583 .Z813 1998 Introduction to comparative law / 1
K583 .Z9 .A53 1954 The relevance of oriental and African legal studies; an inaugural lecture delivered on 25 January 1954 1
K583 .Z92 1977 An introduction to comparative law / 1
K583 .Z92 1987 Introduction to comparative law / 1
K584 .E34 1981 A comparative survey of Anglo-American and Latin-American law / 1
K584 .L86 2012 Charting the divide between common and civil law / 1
K584 .L93 1965 Civil law in the modern world. 1
K584 .V89 1957 The civil law system; cases and materials for the comparative study of law 1
K584 .V89 1977 The civil law system : an introduction to the comparative study of law / 1
K585 .A67 1995 A primer on the civil-law system / 1
K585 .C49 The Civil law, including the Twelve tables, the Institutes of Gaius, the Rules of Ulpian, the Opinions of Paulus, the Enactments of Justinian, and the Constitutions of Leo. 1
K585 .D49 Civil law and the Anglo-American lawyer : a case-illustrated introduction to civil law institutions and method / 1
K585 .L44 A common lawyer looks at the civil law / 1
K585 .M468 1994 The civil law tradition : Europe, Latin America, and East Asia / 1
K585 .M478 2010 Comparative law : historical development of the civil law tradition in Europe, Latin America, and East Asia / 1
K585 .M55 1985 The civil law tradition : an introduction to the legal systems of Western Europe and Latin America / 1
K588 .A3C76 1936 The future of the common law 1
K588 .A44 1980 American/Australian/New Zealand law: parallels and contrasts 1
K588 .B78 1995 The unity of the common law : studies in Hegelian jurisprudence / 1