Call Number (LC) Title Results
K8 .U62 The Human life review 1
K8 .U63 Human rights brief / 1
K8 .U65 Human Rights Internet reporter / 1
K8 .U67 Human rights : journal of the Section of Individual Rights and Responsibilities 1
K8 .U69 Human rights law journal : HRLJ 1
K8 .U72 Human rights quarterly
Universal human rights
K8 .U74 Human rights review 1
K8 .Y22 Hybrid : a journal of law and social change
Journal of law and social change
K9 .C75 ICSID review 1
K9 .D25 Idaho law review 1
K9 .L44 Illinois law quarterly
Illinois law bulletin
K9 .L46 Northwestern University law review
Illinois law review /
K9 .M55 Immigration journal 1
K9 .N22 The Indian journal of international law : official organ of the Indian Society of International Law 1
K9 N31 Indiana health law review 1
K9 .N33 Indiana international & comparative law review 1
K9 .N35 Indiana journal of global legal studies 1
K9 .N365 Indigenous peoples' journal of law, culture & resistance 1
K9 .N37 The Indiana law journal
Indiana law journal
The Indiana law journal, 1925
K9 .N39 Indiana law review
Indiana legal forum