Call Number (LC) Title Results
K8 .E12 Headline series 1
K8 .E15 Health Law Project library bulletin 1
K8 .E18 Health matrix : the journal of law-medicine 1
K8 .I83 Hispanic law journal /
Texas Hispanic journal of law & policy /
K8 .O44 Hofstra labor law journal
Hofstra labor law forum
Hofstra labor & employment law journal
K8 .O45 The Hofstra law & policy symposium 1
K8 .O46 Hofstra law review 1
K8 .O48 Hofstra property law journal 1
K8 .O62 Holdsworth : Birmingham University student law review
Holdsworth law review /
K8 .O66 The Holy Cross journal of law and public policy 1
K8 .O68 Home rule & civil society / 1
K8 .O69 Hong Kong law journal 1
K8 .O71 Houston business and tax law journal 1
K8 .O72 Housing finance review 1
K8 .O73 Houston journal of health law & policy 1
K8 .O74 Houston journal of international law 1
K8 .O76 Houston law review / 1
K8 .O82 The Howard journal of criminal justice 1
K8 .O85 Howard law journal 1
K8 .O87 Human rights and globalization law review
Howard scroll : the social justice review