Call Number (LC) Title Results
K9 .N42 Industrial and labor relations forum 1
K9 .N44 Industrial & labor relations review 1
K9 .N45 The Industrial law journal 1
K9 .N46 The Industrial law review 1
K9 .N47 Industrial relations 1
K9 .N72 Insolvency law & practice 1
K9 .N75 Insurance counsel journal
Defense counsel journal /
K9 .N76 Insurance decisions 1
K9 .N77 The Insurance law journal 2
K9 .N81 Intellectual property journal 1
K9 .N815 Intellectual property law bulletin 1
K9 .N82 Intellectual property law review 1
K9 .N832 Inter-American law review / 1
K9 .N834 The Intercollegiate law journal 1
K9 .N8345 Intercultural human rights law review 1
K9 .N835 Intergovernmental perspective 1
K9 .N842 International affairs 1
K9 .N844 The International and comparative law quarterly
Journal of comparative legislation and international law
Journal of the Society of Comparative Legislation
K9 .N846 International arbitration journal 1
K9 .N848 International conciliation 1