Call Number (LC) Title Results
K9 .N867 International lawyers' newsletter 1
K9 .N868 International legal materials 1
K9 .N8693 Loyola University Chicago international law review 1
K9 .N8697 International migration 1
K9 .N8699 The International migration review : IMR 1
K9 .N87 The international ombudsman yearbook 1
K9 .N871 International organization 1
K9 .N872 International property investment journal / 1
K9 .N874 International review of criminal policy = Revue internationale de politique criminelle = Revista internacional de política criminal 1
K9 .N875 International review of law and economics 1
K9 .N877 The International tax journal 1
K9 .N878 The International trade law journal
Maryland journal of international law and trade
Maryland journal of international law
K9 .N88 International trade perspective 1
K9 .N94 Intramural law review of New York University 1
K9 .O92 Iowa law bulletin
Iowa law review
K9 .S1 I/S : a journal of law and policy for the information society 1
K9 .S52 Islamic law and society 1
K9 .S55 Israel law review 1
K9 .S57 Issues in law & medicine 1
K10 .A15 Naval law review
The JAG journal