Call Number (LC) Title Results
KD1583 .K46 1986 Kerr on the law of fraud and mistake : including misrepresentation generally, undue influence, fiduciary relationship, constructive and imputed notice, etc 1
KD1583 .S53 1957 Fraud in equity; a study in English and Irish Law 1
KD1600 .B36 1980 Remedies for breach of contract / 1
KD1602 .S56 1987 A history of the common law of contract : the rise of the action of assumpsit / 1
KD1603 .K28 1888 Principles of specific performance and mistake 1
KD1607 .M23 1944 Legal effects of war / 1
KD1621 .B38 1795 Lex mercatoria rediviva; or, A complete code of commercial law. Being a general guide to all men in business ... 1
KD1621 B99 1960 Examination questions on merchantile law : together with answers thereto / 1
KD1625 .D25 1830 Mercantile cases : reports of cases relating to commerce, manufactures, &c. &c., determined in the courts of common law, at nisi prius and in banc, in 1828-1829. With practical notes / 1
KD1628 .M76 1813 Commercial and notarial precedents : consisting of the most approved forms, special and common, required in the daily transactions of business, by merchants, traders, notaries, attornies, etc., each set of precedents preceded by a summary of the law on the subject, particularly on bills of exchange, insurance, salvage, &c. ... / 1
KD1628 .T83 1873 A selection of leading cases on mercantile and maritime law. With notes. 1
KD1629 .C38 1984 Charlesworth's Mercantile law 1
KD1629 .C91 1904 The rise and decline of the free trade movement. 1
KD1629 .F22 1910 A manual of commercial law / 1
KD1629 .H17 1982 Introduction to commercial law / 1
KD1629 .L49 1983 Lectures on English commercial law / 1
KD1629 .S64 1890 A compendium of mercantile law, 1
KD1629.3 .G66 1998 Commercial law in the next millennium / 1
KD1629.5 .B85 1982 The legal environment of the business world / 1
KD1634 .S64 1886 A treatise on the law of master and servant, including therein masters and workmen in every description of trade and occupation; with an appendix of statutes. 1