Call Number (LC) Title Results
KD1811 .H23 1939 The English navigation laws; a seventeenth-century experiment in social engineering, 1
KD1811 .M11 1875 A treatise on the law of merchant shipping / 1
KD1815 .A2L57 Lloyd's list law reports 1
KD1815.A2 L57 Lloyd's law reports 1
KD1815 .M2 1864 Reports of the cases relating to maritime law, decided by the Court of Admiralty, and by all the superior courts of law and equity; salvage awards; 1
KD1815 .M25 Reports of cases relating to maritime law : containing all the decisions of the courts of law and equity in the United Kingdom, and selections from the more important decisions in the colonies and the United States. 1
KD1819 .D85 1910 An encyclopaedia of marine law, 1
KD1819 .H55 1981 Maritime law / 1
KD1819 .H55 1985 Maritime law / 1
KD1819 .H74 1824 A system of the shipping and navigation laws of Great Britain: and of the laws relative to merchant ships and seamen; and maritime contracts ... 1
KD1819 .M44 1861 A compendium of the law of merchant shipping; with an appendix containing all the statutes and forms of practical utility. 1
KD1819 .P29 1976 Payne and Ivamy's Carriage of goods by sea 1
KD1826 .W55 1997 Lowndes and Rudolf: the law of general average and the York-Antwerp rules 1
KD1827 .M58 1982 Bills of lading : law and practice / 1
KD1832 .A4 1815 Reports of cases argued and determined in the High court of admiralty; commencing with the judgments of the Right Hon. Sir William Scott, Easter term, 1808 [-1812] 1
KD1832 .A4 1853 English admiralty reports 1
KD1832 .A4R8 1801 Reports of cases argued and determined in the High Court of Admiralty : commencing with the judgments of Sir William Scott, Michaelmas term, 1798 / 1
KD1832 .H14 1809 The practice and jurisdiction of the court of admiralty : in three parts / 1
KD1834 .D4S9 1989 Laytime / 1
KD1834 .S39 1985 Kennedy's law of salvage 1