Call Number (LC) Title Results
KD1975 .C38 1962 Charlesworth on negligence 1
KD1975 .C38 1977 Charlesworth on negligence / 1
KD1975 .C38 1983 Charlesworth & Percy on negligence 1
KD1975 .J13 1982 Professional negligence / 1
KD1976 .W54 1951 Joint torts and contributory negligence : a study of concurrent fault in Great Britain, Ireland and the common-law dominions / 1
KD1977 .N81 1971 Occupiers' liability, 1
KD1980 .A8J98 1966 Trial of motor accident cases / 1
KD1983 .C78 1964 Exception clauses : some aspects of the law relating to exception clauses in contracts for the carriage, bailment, and sale of goods / 1
KD1985 .N81 1972 The modern law of animals, 1
KD1994 .H22 1982 Compensation and government torts / 1
KD2002.A3 R8 1910 The Employers' liability act, 1880, and the Workmen's compensation act, 1906. With the statutes relating to and cases decided on the previous Workmen's compensation acts in England, Scotland, and Ireland; the County court rules of procedure under the act of 1906; the Home office regulations and forms; together with notes and cases decided in the Canadian courts, and an appendix of Canadian statutes / 1
KD2002 .B46 1909 The law of employers' liability and workmen's compensation. 1
KD2002 .J98 1974 Compensation for accidents at work : a memorandum / 1
KD2002 .M92 1955 Employer's liability at common law 1
KD2004 .L55 1967 International claims: postwar British practice 1
KD2007 .H66 1984 Profits of crime and their recovery : report of a committee chaired by Sir Derek Hodgson 1
KD2007 .J98 1987 Comments on consultation paper on personal injuries litigation, civil justice review / 1
KD2020 .B68 1951 A digest of the law of agency 1
KD2020 .B68 1976 Bowstead on agency 1
KD2020 .Ev15 1879 A treatise upon the law of principal and agent in contract and tort. 1