Call Number (LC) Title Results
KD2212 .K84 1982 Competition law of Britain and the Common Market / 1
KD2212 .M42 1893 The law relating to covenants in restraint of trade. 1
KD2212 .W54 1957 The law of restrictive trade practices and monopolies, 1
KD2212 .W54 1966 The law of restrictive trade practices and monopolies, 1
KD2218.A55 R4 Reports of restrictive practices cases : heard in the Restrictive Practices Court and on appeal therefrom and other cases arising under the Restrictive Trade Practices Act, 1956, in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland 1
KD2218 .E5 1987 Encyclopaedia of competition law / 1
KD2218 .M54 1984 Competition law : antitrust policy in the U.K. and the EEC / 1
KD2218 .W57 1985 Competition law / 1
KD2225 .H91 1967 Competition and the law 1
KD2366 .C14 1983 Property rights and sovereign rights : the case of North Sea oil / 1
KD2368.P42 G73 1982 The other price of Britain's oil : safety and control in the North Sea / 1
KD2395 .S5H73 1917 Practical shipbuilding; a treatise on the structural design and building of modern steel vessels; the work of construction, from the making of the raw material to the equipped vessel, including subsequent up-keep and repairs 1
KD2435 .U35 1985 Construction law : law and practice relating to the construction industry / 1
KD2460 .A34 1999 Law of international trade 1
KD2463 .S51 1986 Schmitthoff's Export trade : the law and practice of international trade 1
KD2463 .S51 1990 Schmitthoff's export trade : the law and practice of international trade. / 1
KD2575 .C33 1854 Cases relating to railways and canals, argued and adjudged in the courts of law and equity: 1835 to [1852] 1
KD2591 .J98 1986 Road traffic law review : memorandum to the Department of the Environment / 1
KD2618 .B64 The road safety act 1967 1
KD2618 .H76 1972 Sentencing the motoring offender: a study of magistrates' views and practices, 1