Call Number (LC) Title Results
KD2225 .H91 1967 Competition and the law 1
KD2366 .C14 1983 Property rights and sovereign rights : the case of North Sea oil / 1
KD2368.P42 G73 1982 The other price of Britain's oil : safety and control in the North Sea / 1
KD2395 .S5H73 1917 Practical shipbuilding; a treatise on the structural design and building of modern steel vessels; the work of construction, from the making of the raw material to the equipped vessel, including subsequent up-keep and repairs 1
KD2435 .U35 1985 Construction law : law and practice relating to the construction industry / 1
KD2460 .A34 1999 Law of international trade 1
KD2463 .S51 1986 Schmitthoff's Export trade : the law and practice of international trade 1
KD2463 .S51 1990 Schmitthoff's export trade : the law and practice of international trade. / 1
KD2575 .C33 1854 Cases relating to railways and canals, argued and adjudged in the courts of law and equity: 1835 to [1852] 1
KD2591 .J98 1986 Road traffic law review : memorandum to the Department of the Environment / 1
KD2618 .B64 The road safety act 1967 1
KD2618 .H76 1972 Sentencing the motoring offender: a study of magistrates' views and practices, 1
KD2618 .W15 1985 Drink, drugs, and driving / 1
KD2618 .W66 1964 Criminal on the road; a study of serious motoring offences and those who commit them 1
KD2651 .W5 1913 A manual of the law and practice of the Railway and Canal Commissioner's Court, together with appendices of precedents, rules, and statutes. 1
KD2659 .S4 1855 The law of railways including the consolidation and other general acts for regulating railways in England and Ireland, with copious notes of decided cases on their construction, including the rights and liabilities of shareholders, allottees of shares, and provisional committee men; with forms &c 1
KD2732 .B19 1985 Regulating the airlines : administrative justice and agency discretion / 1
KD2772 .L77 .B7 1956 Lloyd's confidential index of British Commonwealth and Irish vessels 1
KD2772 .L77 F6 1956 Lloyd's confidential index of foreign steam and motor vessels / 1
KD2780 .W6 1872 Regulations for the safe & efficient navigation of the company's steam-ships / 1