Call Number (LC) Title Results
KD3225 .W67 1908 Workmen's compensation cases : being reports of cases decided under the Workmen's Compensation Act principally taken from the Times Law Reports / 1
KD3235 .S27 1986 Disease and the compensation debate / 1
KD3250 .G62 1981 Social security in the United Kingdom : contracting out of the system / 1
KD3305 .B16 1988 Children, parents and the state / 1
KD3305 .H67 1981 Parents and children / 1
KD3305 .K565 1992 Children's welfare and the law : the limits of legal intervention / 1
KD3305 .S62 1984 Decision making in statutory reviews on children in care / 1
KD3310 .F69 1758 Laws relating to the poor, from the forty-third of Queen Elizabeth to the third of King George II [1601-1730] : with cases adjudged in the Court of King's Bench, upon the several clauses of them : in a method entirely new / 1
KD3310 .N78 1808 A treatise of the laws for the relief and settlement of the poor / 1
KD3340 .H37 2005 Changing unjust laws justly : pro-life solidarity with "the last and least" / 1
KD3340 .K46 1988 Abortion, doctors, and the law : some aspects of the legal regulation of abortion in England from 1803 to 1982 / 1
KD3351 .H12 1984 EEC environmental policy and Britain : an essay and a handbook / 1
KD3367 .R39 1983 Policing pollution : a study of regulation and enforcement / 1
KD3372 .H97 1988 The reasonable arm of the law? : the law enforcement procedures of environmental health officers / 1
KD3375 .B31 1985 United Kingdom marine pollution law / 1
KD3375 .S2 1874 Pollution of rivers : what should be the extent of immediate legislation to restrain the pollution of rivers? / 1
KD3395 .C44 1834 A practical treatise on medical jurisprudence, with so much of anatomy, physiology, pathology, and the practice of medicine and surgery, as are essential to be known by members of parliament, lawyers, coroners, magistrates, officers in the army and navy, and private gentlemen; and all the laws relating to medical practitioners 1
KD3395 .M38 1983 Law and medical ethics / 1
KD3395 .S55 1985 Law, ethics, and medicine : studies in medical law / 1
KD3410.E88 B54 2001 Euthanasia, death with dignity and the law / 1